How Does WattMetrics Work?

Easy Install

A WattMetrics 'Agent' (a small data logger/gateway computer) is connected to power meters, inverters and other devices. The agent automatically gathers data from those devices and then sends it via the Internet to WattMetrics data services. 

Revenue-Grade Reporting

Many states require solar projects to have a revenue-grade monitoring system in order to participate in SREC markets and other incentive programs. WattMetrics provides automated revenue-grade reporting to programs in California, Massachussetts, New Jersey and other states.

A Ton of Data

Once the agent has been added to a WattMetrics 'project' (via the super-easy-to-use online project management tools), the data is processed and publicized in several ways:

Many Scenarios

Because the WattMetrics solution is so simple and flexible, it can be used across many project scenarios:

  • small residential solar

  • revenue-grade residential solar

  • public institutions

  • small to large commercial solar

as well as

  • multiple buildings per project

  • multiple inverters and makes of inverter

  • muiltiple meters and makes of meter

  • and more...


inverter monitoring with web dashboard and SREC reporting