Project Dashboards

All WattMetrics projects include free access to a live Web Dashboard. The WattMetrics Dashboard provides quick answers to common questions and the ability to drill down into more detailed data.  Its combination of ease-of-use and in-depth data is unique in the industry.


Easy Answers

How much energy is my project generating right now? Today? What kind of environmental impact has it made? The WattMetrics Dashboard answers all these questions at a glance.

Public Experience

Most people will never see your energy project in person. Or be able to appreciate the quality of the workmanship or components. However, they will immediately appreciate the quality of the project's online presence.

Partner Branding

All WattMetrics projects commissioned through our online Projects Portal automatically receive free partner branding on the Dashboard.  Enhanced custom branding is also available.


The Dashboard can be made inaccessible to anyone except those selected by project owners via the Projects Portal.

Live Examples

Live dashboards can be explored via the public projects page of this website.

Data Detail

Embeddable Data

Live, interactive versions of every detail chart are easily embeddable in any website.

Downloadable Data

All detail data is easily downloadable at any time in simple .CSV format.

Production History Chart

The total energy output of all generating devices at a project in 15 minute, 1 hour and 1 day totals. 

Net Production and Demand Chart

Total project production, total demand, net production and net demand in 15 minute, 1 hour and 1 day totals. 

Inverter Detail Chart

Full resolution, model-specific data from each inverter at a project. Please see WattMetrics supported inverters for more details. 

Power Meter Detail Chart

Full resolution data from production or demand meters at a project. Please see WattMetrics power meter support for more details. 

Weather Station Detail Chart

Full resolution data from WattMetrics weather station. Please see WattMetrics weather station support for more details. 


WattMetrics Dashboard Brochure


public experience (click to enlarge)

free partner branding

production history (click to enlarge)

production vs. demand (click to enlarge)

inverter detail (click to enlarge)

power meter detail (click to enlarge)

weather station detail (click to enlarge)

weather station detail (click to enlarge)