Power Meter Support

Different types of energy projects call for different types of power meter. The WattMetrics platform supports a variety of meters, enabling system designers to use the right meter for the job. Meters can be used to measure production, demand or net demand. If we don't support your favorite meter, let us know!

Residential/Light Commercial

For smaller projects, WattMetrics provides GE kV2c meters. Simple to install, revenue-grade accuracy, split- or 3-phase, 120-480 Volts, 200 or 320 Amps.


For large projects, WattMetrics supports the PowerLogic PM800 series of meters. These meters offer a ton of options that make them a great solution for many scenarios.

Production or Demand

Meters can be used to measure building demand and well as system production. The WattMetrics platform supports multiple meters per project and multiple types of meter.

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GE kV2c

PowerLogic PM800

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