Connecting to GE kV2c Meters

Qualified Electricians Only

Any meter should be installed by qualified electricians only. WattMetrics cannot provide support or instruction for the installation of electricity meters.

Retrofits Must Be Preset Before Shipping

If a revenue-grade meter is installed as a retrofit for a system that has already produced a significant amount of energy, the meter must be preset by WattMetrics before it is shipped, with the correct production offset.

WattMetrics Meters Only

GE kV2c meters are compliant with ANSI C12.18 and related communications standards. Part of these standards includes a security model that prevents WattMetrics from interfacing directly with a meter from another vendor (like a utility). In order to be compatible with a WattMetrics system, the meter security must be configured by WattMetrics before the meter is shipped. GE kV2c meters not from WattMetrics will not work with a WattMetrics system.

Installation Notes

  • A meter socket type 12S is required for single phase meters and socket type 16S is required for three phase meters.

  • Specify single or 3-phase when ordering.

  • The meter must be installed within 16' of the WattMetrics agent. The standard WattMetrics optical communications cable is 6', but can be extended in the field using off the shelf components to up to 16'.

  • The neutral leg of the meter must be connected for the meter to function correctly.

Connecting to a WattMetrics Agent

1.  Using a Residential or Commercial WattMetrics Agent:

  • Place the optical end of the WattMetrics USB-to-optical communications cable on the optical port of the meter (as illustrated by the image at right).

  • Make sure the meter cover is rotated clockwise as far as it will go, otherwise the optical port will not line up with the cover and will not function.

  • The optical end of the cable has a magnet inside that holds it to the optical port on the meter. WattMetrics recommends using a zip tie or similar to secure the cable to the meter cover.

  • Connect the USB end of the cable to a USB port on the agent.

2.  Finish installing the agent as outlined in the "installing agents" section of this manual.

3.  If the meter is not wired to measure production:

  • If the meter is wired to measure energy demand (or net demand), the installer must mark the meter as being a "demand" or "net demand" meter via the WattMetrics projects portal.




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GE kV2c with WattMetrics optical cable


single-  vs. 3-phase meter













configuring non-production meters