GE kV2c Support

WattMetrics supplies GE kV2c utility-grade smart meters for residential and light commercial projects. By adding our own proprietary communications solution, we make this level of sophisticated metering affordable even for smaller projects.

Zero Configuration

WattMetrics innovative USB-to-ANSI C12.18 optical communications adapter makes commissioning a revenue grade system very easy: Plug it in, turn it on.

Measure Production and Demand

When both production and demand data is available, WattMetrics provides gross production, gross demand and net demand and production metrics.

Embeddable Data

Interactive charts with live meter data are easily embeddable in any website.

Unmatched Accuracy

Like all WattMetrics data sources, the readings we record from the GE kV2c are heavily oversampled, ensuring highly accurate data.

More than kWh

The wealth of data available from WattMetrics via the GE kV2c enables analytics that are simply not possible with simple pulse counter systems.

Flexible Solution

The WattMetrics platform allows these meters to be used to measure production or demand, single or 3-phase systems.

Meter Specifications

  • Accuracy: Revenue grade (+/- 0.02%).

  • Rating: 120 - 480 Volts, 200 Amps (320 Amp versions also available)

  • Form Factor: Multiple forms available.

Recorded Data Points

  • Lifetime kWh

  • Instantaneous kW (phase A, B and C)

  • Volts (phase A, B and C)

  • Amps (phase A, B and C)

More Resources

Installation Instructions

WattMetrics Revenue-Grade Metering Brochure

GE kV2c Brochure




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