Installing Kiosks

Computer + Display

The WattMetrics kiosk system consists of a compact computer connected to a display. The kiosk computer can be connected to different sized touchscreens or non-touch displays.

Touch screens 22", 42" or 46" are available from WattMetrics. Touchscreens not provided by WattMetrics are not supported.

Non-touch displays are not provided by WattMetrics. High-quality displays are readily available from many sources (Amazon, Best Buy, etc...).

Displays not provided by WattMetrics must be at least 1080p.

Kiosk Data

The project data displayed by the kiosk is obtained from WattMetrics data services via the Internet. The kiosk is not directly connected to a WattMetrics agent in any way. An Internet connection is the only data connection required for the kiosk to function. Kiosk computers include built in WiFi support.


Operation and Maintenance

The kiosk computer is designed to operate without any interaction necessary once it is installed. Plug it in and turn it on. 

WattMetrics cleaning touchscreens at least daily with a mild glass cleaner.

The keyboard and mouse should be removed and stored for possible later use, once the installation is finalized. 


Installing the Kiosk

  1. Register the kiosk with the WattMetrics project.

    • Go to the project page for your project in the WattMetrics projects portal..

    • Click on 'kiosks' then 'add a kiosk'.

    • Enter the WattMetrics kiosk serial number that is printed on the side of the kiosk computer.

    • Give the kiosk a descriptive name, such as "lobby", "atrium", etc...

    • Be sure to check the "is touch enabled?" box if a touchscreen is used. If this box is not checked, the kiosk will not display touchable menus.

  2. Install the kiosk computer in a location protected from traffic, extreme temperatures, high humidity, etc..

    • The computer will need either a hard wired or WiFi connection to a local network with access to the Internet.

    • The computer includes a VESA mount adapter. 

  3. Mount the kiosk display on a secure table top or wall.

    • WattMetrics can provide wall mounting hardware or the installer can source their own.

    • The 22" touchscreen from WattMetrics includes a built-in heavy duty desktop mount (it can also be wall mounted instead, using separate mounting hardware).

  4. Connect the kiosk computer to the display.

    • The kiosk computer supports VGA video connections.

    • Touchscreens from WattMetrics include 6' VGA cables.

  5. If a touchscreen is used:

    • Be sure to connect the USB port on the touchscreen to a USB port on the kiosk computer. The touchscreen will not operate correctly if this connection is not made.

    • Touchscreens are pre-calibrated by WattMetrics for the specific kiosk computer being used.

  6. Connect the kiosk computer to the local network.

    • If practical, provide a hard-wired connection to a local network with access to the Internet.

    • The kiosk computer also includes built-in support for WiFi connections.

  7. To configure WiFi network access or other network credentials:

    • Using the keyboard and mouse provided with the kiosk computer, log into the computer using the "installer" account (please contact WattMetrics for the credentials).

    • Use the standard Windows control panels to set a default WiFi connection or configure other network security parameters.

  8. Reboot the kiosk computer.

    • The kiosk computer will now display data for your project.

    • The kiosk computer will reboot automatically every night to install updates. No user interaction is required.





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kiosk computer and display







add kiosk to project online 


22-inch touchscreen with desktop stand


22-inch touchscreen connections