Satcon Inverter Support

WattMetrics supports Satcon inverters.  PV View Plus and Communications Controller Module Gateway (CCM) are not required.  For more information on Satcon inverters, please visit Detailed installation instructions are available at

Supported Models

  • All PowerGate Plus models: 30 kW, 50 kW, 75 kW, 100 kW, 110 kW S-Type, 135 kW, 210 kW S-Type, 250 kW, 375 kW, 500 kW, 1 MW.

  • All Solstice models: 100kW. 

Embeddable Data

Interactive charts with live data are easily embeddable in any website. 

Satcon Data Tracked by WattMetrics 

PowerGate Plus Series

Inverter Settings  

  • Current Unbalance Trip    

  • DC Input Over Current Trip

  • DC Input Over Voltage Trip

  • DC Input Under Voltage Trip

  • Ground Current Fault Trip

  • kW Rating            

  • Line Over Voltage Trip Slow

  • Line Under Voltage Trip Slow

  • Name                    

  • Serial Number            

  • Total kWh To Date    

  • Voltage Unbalance Trip

 Inverter Readings 

  • Watts 

  • DC Input Current 

  • DC Input Power 

  • DC Input Voltage 

  • Line Current A 

  • Line Current B 

  • Line Current C 

  • Line Neutral Current 

  • Line Voltage A 

  • Line Voltage B 

  • Line Voltage C 

  • Line KVA 

  • Line KVAR 

  • PCS State 

  • Internal Air Temperature  

  • Power Factor 

 All Fault Codes  


More Resources

Installation Instructions


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