Reporting for SRECs and other Incentive Programs

WattMetrics is certified for use with or can automatically report to a variety of incentive programs and SREC aggregators. If you'd like to use WattMetrics with a program that isn't listed here, please let us know!

Revenue-Grade Requirement

Most incentive programs require revenue-grade metering as a prerequisite to participation. WattMetrics provides revenue-grade metering solutions for residential and commercial systems.

Revenue-Grade Retrofits

When adding WattMetrics to a system that has already produced a significant amount of energy, the meter must be preset by WattMetrics with the current lifetime kWh value. The installer must provide WattMetrics with a value for current lifetime kWh before the meter is shipped. WattMetrics only reports exactly what the meter reads and cannot apply an offset after the meter is installed



WattMetrics is a certified PMRS provider.


PBI certification is coming soon.



WattMetrics will be a certified CEFIA PDP by late spring, 2012.



WattMetrics is a certified MassCEC PTS data provider.

To Enable Automated MassCEC PTS Reporting:

  • Complete the PTS system commissioning process as outlined by MassCEC.

  • Be sure to specify WattMetrics as the DAS provider.

  • Obtain the PTS system ID for the project.

  • In the WattMetrics project portal, enter the PTS system ID into the "automated reporting" section of the settings for the project, as shown below.

    entering the PTS system ID into WattMetrics (click to enlarge)

  • The installer can check when data for the project was last sucessfully reported to PTS by checking the "last sent" box (see the image above).