residential revenue-grade monitoring and reporting

Residential Revenue-Grade Monitoring and Reporting

Even for residential-scale projects, many states require an automated, revenue-grade monitoring system be installed in order to participate in SREC markets and other incentive programs. The installation of a meter that is accurate to at least +/- 0.2% is necessary to be considered 'revenue-grade' in most circumstances. The GE meters provided by WattMetrics for residential projects are accurate to within +/-0.02%.

Easy Install

An easy install is a less expensive install. A standard meter socket and a single cable between the meter and the WattMetrics acquisition agent are all that is required to complete a revenue-grade installation.

Automated Reporting

WattMetrics provides automated reporting of energy production data to a variety of production reporting agencies. WattMetrics is a certified PDP (performance data provider) for:


Unlike fragile 'pulse counting' meter systems, smart meters are totally self-suffcient. If there's ever a problem with any other part of the system, the lifetime production data is protected.


Because the meter operates independently of the rest of the monitoring system, production totals reported by WattMetric can be easily and independently audited and at any time.

More Data

WattMetrics provides greater insight into system performance by tracking more than just lifetime kWh. We provide detailed data histories for the meter as well as the inverter(s) (inluding native inverter faults).





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