Managing Project Settings

Project Name

The name of the project can be changed at any time by clicking on the project name in the project portal page (see the first image on the right for an example).

Project Location

Accurate location information is required in order for location-based analysis features to function correctly.

Project Contact

This person will be contacted when the services subscription for this project expires.

Energy Production Settings

Some energy production settings are calculated automatically but all are required for project services to function correctly.

  • The energy rate is used to calculate the approximate value of the energy generated by a project.

  • The project size is calculated automatically by adding the total AC rating of all inverters in a project. If no inverters are present or if the inverters do not provide rating information to WattMetrics, this value will have to be entered by the installer. Setting this value manually will override the automatically calculated value.

  • Total panel area is required for all projects that use a weather station. Without it, the system cannot calculate total project efficiency metrics.

  • The lifetime kWh (current kWh-to-date) value is the sum of the lifetime kWh values reported by all the inverters or production meters in a project.


See the "security" section of this manual for details on managing project security.

Display Preferences

These are optional settings that control how data is displayed in the public dashboard. Primarily whether to use SI or US units when reporting temperature, speed and other values. WattMetrics uses SI units by default.

Automatic Reporting

See the "SREC reporting" section of this manual for details on managing reporting to SREC aggregators and other incentive programs.



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changing the project name

project location and contact

energy production settings