Monitoring PV Powered Inverters

Inverter Prerequisites

Commercial PV Powered models come standard with the communications features necessary to integrate with WattMetrics.

Residential PV Powered models (PVP2500, PVP3500, PVP4600, PVP4800, PVP5200 or similar) require the installation of the PVM1010 Data Monitoring Module (network card) in order integrate with WattMetrics.

Supported Models

WattMetrics is compatible with the models listed below. If your inverter model isn't listed below, that doesn't necessarily mean that it won't work with WattMetrics. Please contact us if you don't see your inverter here.

PVP1100, PVP2000, PVP2500, PVP2800, PVP3000, PVP3500, PVP4600, PVP4800, PVP5200, PVP 30kW, PVP 35kW, PVP 50kW, PVP 75kW, PVP 100kW, PVP 250kW,

Connecting to a WattMetrics Agent

1.  Connect the inverter(s) to the LAN.

  • Connect all inverters to be monitored to the local Ethernet network (LAN), following to the manufacturer's instructions.

  • It's rare, but if the LAN is very large or configured in a specific way, it is possible that the WattMetrics agent and the inverter may not be on the same subnet.  If the inverters are not 'discovered' by the agent, verify that the first three octets of the agent and inverter(s) IP addresses are the same. For example, if the inverter IP address is, then the agent IP address must be Please contact the local network admin if this issue comes up.

2.  Finish installing the agent as outlined in the "installing agents" section of this manual.


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PV Powered PVM1010