Monitoring OutBack Devices


An OutBack MATE or MATE2 must be present in order to integrate with WattMetrics. MATE3 is not currently supported. An OutBack HUB is also required if there is more than one OutBack device to be monitored.

Supported Models

WattMetrics supports OutBack MX and FX inverters/charge controllers and FLEXmax devices

Connecting to a WattMetrics Agent

1.  Connect to the OutBack MATE.

  • Connect the WattMetrics agent to the RS232 port on the MATE or MATE2 using the cable provided by WattMetrics.

  • Make sure that communications have been enabled on the MATE or MATE2. From the main menu on the MATE, navigate to Setup -> Mate -> PG2 -> Comm -> PC and switch to "ON".

2.  Do not switch USB ports.

  • Do not move the communications cable to another port on the agent after the cable has been connected to the WattMetrics agent once. The WattMetrics system will create duplicate entries for OutBack devices that have already been 'discovered'.

3.  Finish installing the agent as outlined in the "installing agents" section of this manual.



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OutBack MATE or MATE2 required