Monitoring Satcon Inverters

Inverter Prerequisites

Satcon PowerGate Plus models come standard with the communications features necessary to integrate with WattMetrics.

Supported Models

WattMetrics is compatible with the models listed below. If your inverter model isn't listed below, that doesn't necessarily mean that it won't work with WattMetrics. Please contact us if you don't see your inverter here.

PowerGate Plus

30 kW, 50 kW, 75 kW, 100 kW, 110 kW S-Type, 135 kW, 210 kW S-Type, 250 kW, 375 kW, 500 kW, 1 MW 

Solstice (coming soon)

100 kW

Connecting to a WattMetrics Agent

1.  If there are multiple inverters:

  • Assign a unique communications address to each inverter, according to the manufacturer's instructions: use the display panel to set the 'Modbus slave ID' to a number unique to each inverter.

2.  Use the RS485SS terminal block.

  • When making the connections to the Satcon, be sure to use the inverter RS485 terminal block with the surge suppressor to minimize damage from a lightning strike. Do not use the RS485 terminal block that does not have the surge suppressor.

3a.  If a WattMetrics Residential agent is being used:

  • Connect the USB end of the cable provided by WattMetrics to one of the USB ports on the agent.

  • Connect the bare wires at the other end of the cable to the Satcon RS485SS in the inverter, as outlined in the SMA instruction manual.

WattMetrics USB-485 Cable  Color   Function  Satcon RS485SS
485+ orange data (B) + 7
485- yellow data (A) - 11
GND black common 9
(do not connect) (bare) shield/drain 3


3b.  If a WattMetrics Commercial agent is being used:

  • Use shielded CAT5/6 cable to connect the agent to the Satcon RS485SS in the inverter, as outlined in the Satcon instruction manual.

Agent COM1 or COM2 Color Function Satcon RS485SS
485+ white w/orange stripe data (B) + 7
485- orange data (A) - 11
GND brown common 9
(do not connect) (bare) shield/drain 3


4.  Finish installing the agent as outlined in the "installing agents" section of this manual.







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Satcon installation manual detail 

agent communication ports