Commercial Solar Monitoring

Commercial solar projects require more hardware, more data and more options. WattMetrics provides hardware and data services tailored to the demands of commercial-scale solar installations.

Commercial Acquisition Agent

The heart of any WattMetrics installation is one or more WattMetrics Acquisition Agents. The commercial 'agent' includes an industrial temperature rating, a NEMA 4 conduit-ready enclosure and other features designed specifically for commercial installations.

Choice of Meters

Smaller commercial installations can use a 3-phase GE kV2c smart meter provided by WattMetrics. For larger projects, WattMetrics supports the Square D PM800 series and similar meters.

Weather Stations

No commercial-scale project is complete without a weather station that measures, at minimum, available irradiance, cell and ambient temperature. The WattMetrics weather station is designed specifically for solar energy projects: It is easy to install, rugged and comes in a choice of sensor profiles to fit a variety of project scenarios and price points.

Advanced Inverter Support

Bigger projects use bigger inverters, and bigger inverters have more features. WattMetrics provides full support for larger inverters from Satcon, Advanced Energy and others - including advanced inverter features like 'zone' data and manufacturer-specific fault alerts.




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