Connecting a Weather Station to an Agent

Completing the installation of a weather station consists of two basic steps:

  1. Connect the weather station to a WattMetrics Residential or Commercial agent using a single CAT5 cable for power and communications. The maximum cable length between the agent and weather station is 4000'.

  2. Specify the total panel area (for PV projects) in the projects portal.


Connect the Weather Station to the Agent

1.  Run CAT5 cable between the station and the agent.

  • Do not terminate the cable at this point.

2.  Terminate the weather station end of the cable.

  • Use a standard RJ45 jack and standard T568B pin assignment (click on image at right).

3.  Assemble weather-proof connector.

  • Assemble the weather-proof connector (provided with the station) around the RJ45 jack, following the diagram at right.

4.  Connect the cable to the acquisition module.

  • Click on the image at right.

5a.  If a Residential agent is being used:

  • Terminate the agent end of the CAT5 cable using a standard RJ45 jack and standard T568B pin assignment, exactly the same as step 2.

  • Connect the CAT5 cable to the PoE injector kit (Power over Ethernet) provided with the station (click on image at right).

  • The CAT5 cable should be connected to the port marked "PoE".

5b.  If a Commercial agent is being used:

  • Do not terminate the agent end of the CAT5 cable.

  • Connect the CAT5 cable wires one of the RS485 terminal blocks on the agent (COM1 or COM2) using the wire/terminal assignments outlined below (click on image at right).

agent COM1 or COM2 CAT5 wire(s) color
485+ white w/orange stripe
485- orange
GND green & white w/brown stripe & brown
24V blue & white w/blue stripe



Specify the Total PV Panel Area

1.  Go to the page for the project in the projects portal.

2.  Click on 'settings', then 'energy production'.

3.  Enter the total PV panel area for the project (in square meters).



(click any image for more detail)    

RJ45 T568B pin out

weather-proof RJ45 connector

connection to acquisition module

PoE kit for residential agents

connection to commercial agent

set PV panel area