Installing Commercial Agents

1. Create a WattMetrics project.

  • Follow the steps to create a WattMetrics project online as outlined in the "creating projects" section.

  • If the project is already created or there are multiple agents being used for the project, add the agent to the existing project:

    • In the projects portal, go to the page for the project.

    • Click on the 'agents' item.

    • Click on 'add an agent' and enter the serial number of the agent. 

2. Test the local network connection.

3. Install the agent

  • The agent should be installed within approximately 5 feet of any power meter(s) to be monitored. WattMetrics provides 6' communications cables for power meters (extensions are possible, see the relevant "connecting to..." sections for more detail).

  • Commercial agents are rated for outdoor installation. Be sure to use the correct conduit connections to preserve this rating.

  • Do NOT install the agent inside an inverter enclosure.

  • Do NOT remove the display cover for any reason. Doing so will void the warranty on the agent. There are no servicable components inside.

  • Mount the agent to a wall using the attached mounting tabs. Orient the agent so that the cover hinge is vertical and on the left.

  • After mounting the agent, drill the penetrations in the enclosure necessary to accept conduit connections for, at minimum:

    • AC power

    • Ethernet network 

    • Connection to at least one data source (inverter, meter, etc...)

    • Be sure to use the correct conduit connections to preserve the environmental rating of the enclosure.

4. Connect the local network cable.

  • Test the cable and network as described in step 2 before making the final connection to the agent.

5. Connect the agent to the data source(s).

6. Connect the AC power supply.

  • Wait to turn the agent on until after the data source connections have been made (as described above).

  • The terminal will accept up to 12 AWG wire.

  • Stranded copper wire will be more flexible and easier to manipulate into the terminal block.

7. Wait 1 minute and check display

  • After approximately 1 minute (longer if there are many data sources), check the display on the agent. It should display the number and types of data sources connected (i.e. 2 inverters, 1 power meter, etc...) and the status of the local network connection.

8. Wait 10 minutes and check status online

  • Give the agent 10 minutes to complete its initial auto-configuration, data source 'discovery' and server synchronization processes.

  • Check the project status in the projects portal. If the status is not 'green' or if it is 'green' but there is no data, please follow the steps outlined in the "troubleshooting" section before contacting WattMetrics.




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adding multiple agents to a project 

test network with a laptop 





conduit entry points  


power and communication ports














agent status display 


project status OK