Creating a New Project

To create a new project:

1. Log in to the WattMetrics Projects Portal

  • If you don't have a WattMetrics account, you can create one. See "create an account" for more details.

  • Go to and enter your account credentials (username and password).

  • When you log in for the first time, you will see an empty project list.

2. Click on "create a new project" in the upper left.

3. Fill in the project name and other information.

  • The Acquisition Agent serial number is not required at this point. You can add it later, but there will be no project data until an Agent is added. See "installing agents" for more detail.

  • The serial number input box will automatically validate whatever serial number is entered.

4. Fill in project settings.

  • After the project is created, you will be taken automatically to the project page and project settings.

  • Fill in all project location, contact and energy information. See the "project settings" section for more detail.

  • Incomplete project information will cause some WattMetrics features or services to be unavailable or not function correctly.



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create your own projects

enter project info