Connecting to Weather Stations

Basic and Advanced Models

WattMetrics weather stations come in three models: one basic model and two 'advanced' models. The basic model has irradiance, ambient and cell temperature sensors. The advanced models add wind vector and, optionally, barometric pressure and humidity sensors.

To integrate a weather station into a WattMetrics installation, first assemble and install the station within 10' of the PV array, then connect the station to a WattMetrics agent.  The maximum cable length between the agent and weather station is 4000'.


The assembly sequence is different for basic vs. advanced models. Please see the assembly section specific to your model below.

Connecting to a WattMetrics Agent

All models feature the same single-cable connection to WattMetrics Residential or Commercial Agents. Please refer to the "connecting to the agent" section for more detail.



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WattMetrics basic weather station

WattMetrics advanced weather station