Fronius Inverter Support

WattMetrics supports Fronius IG Plus and CL series inverters. No Fronius Datalogger is necessary. For more information on Fronius inverters, please visit A Fronius COM Card is required. Detailed installation instructions are available at

Supported Models

  • All IG-Plus models: 3.0-1 uni, 3.8-1 uni, 5.0-1 uni, 6.0-1 uni, 7.5-1 uni, 10.0-1 uni, 11.4-1uni, 11.4-3 Delta, 12.0-3 WYE277.

  • All CL models: 33.3 Delta, 36.0 WYE277, 44.4 Delta, 48.0 WYE277, 55.5 Delta, 60.0 WYE277.

Embeddable Data

Interactive charts with live data are easily embeddable in any website.

Fronius Data Tracked by WattMetrics

Inverter Settings 

  • kW Rating

  • Name

  • Total kWh To Date

 Inverter Readings

  • Watts AC

  • Volts AC

  • Amps AC

  • Frequency 

  • Volts DC

  • Amps DC 

More Resources

Installation Instructions


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