Creating a New WattMetrics Services Account

Anyone can create a WattMetrics account at any time. Once a user has an account they can create their own projects via the Projects Portal. They can also be granted access to protected data for projects created by other project owners (see "Managing Project Security" for more details). 

WattMetrics recommends that installers use one account to manage all their WattMetrics projects. This helps centralize project management and guarantees that all projects will get the correct installer branding. 

To create a WattMetrics account:


1. Go to


2. Click where it says "Don't have an account?" 


3. Fill in the required information to create an account:

  • Where it asks for a 'display name' fill in a name you want displayed at the top of the portal when you are logged in. It can contain spaces or any other characters you like.

  • "username" is your login token  It can have only letters or numbers and no spaces.

  • Your password must contain at least one character that is NOT a letter or number (i.e. "#" or "!" or other special character).

4. Click "Create Account"

  • When you click "Create Account", an email titled "Welcome to WattMetrics!" is sent to the email address provided in step 3.

  • It could take a couple minutes for this email to arrive.  Once it does, click on the link in the email to activate your WattMetrics account.  You can now log in to the WattMetrics Projects Portal.

5. Professional Installers: Contact WattMetrics

  • WattMetrics provides free branding for all installers. This branding is applied to the project dashboard and other displays. 

  • To configure installer branding for the new account, WattMetrics needs the following information from the installer:

    • installer contact name and email (used only internally by WattMetrics, not shared in any way with anyone else)

    • installer website address

    • installer logo (at least 100px high, 300dpi is best) 

  • WattMetrics will link your new account with your branding profile so that every project created with that account will automatically get your branding.





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start account creation process

create username and password

wait for account activation email