Connecting to Power Meters

Residential/Light Commercial Revenue-Grade Meters

WattMetrics uses GE smart meters to provide secure, revenue-grade energy production (or demand) data. SREC and other incentive programs generally require revenue-grade metering.

  • Please Note: If a revenue-grade meter is installed as a retrofit for a system that has already produced a significant amount of energy, the meter must be preset by WattMetrics before it is shipped, with the correct production offset.

Commercial Revenue-Grade Meters

WattMetrics supports other meters in addition to the GE meters, such as the PowerLogic PM800. Please contact us if you would like to use WattMetrics for a project with a pre-existing meter.

Qualified Electricians Only

Any meter should be installed by qualified electricians only. WattMetrics cannot provide support or instruction for the installation of electricity meters.



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GE smart meters


other meters